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Identity meets originality: The “Hāfu2Hāfu” exhibition at Camera Japan Festival Rotterdam

Identity meets originality

Identity meets originality

Hāfu2Hāfu is an on-going project photographing “hāfu” – somebody who is biracial, i.e. ethnically half Japanese - and sharing their most significant questions about identity, sense of belonging and growing up in two different cultures.

As a Belgian hāfu photographer (Belgian mother, Japanese father) Tetsuro Miyazaki investigates what it means to be half Japanese. By photographing and interviewing men and women Miyazaki hopes to present a complete image of what issues preoccupy their minds. Portraits and questions on his website and social media facilitate conversations between hāfu, their families, friends, colleagues and schoolmates.

Fujifilm worked together with Miyazaki to present and beautifully portray his work on our professional paper line and to demonstrate the various possibilities of original photographic paper.

After consulting with experts at Fujifilm, we printed the black and white portraits and questions on Crystal Archive DPII matte a professional photographic paper type and mounted them on Dibond. The printing method, size and beautiful venue contributed to the accessibility of the portraits.

During this year’s Camera Japan Festival in Rotterdam, Miyazaki has exhibited 35 portraits of hāfu from 35 different countries and from every continent in the world. “Being able to show these portraits in a live environment gives a new dimension to the project. This is the first time I could see the visitors of the film festival react to the questions”, says the photographer.

You can take a look at the portraits and questions Miyazaki has collected so far and share your experiences here: www.hafu2hafu.org/portraits.

Miyazaki’s work will continue and Fujifilm as an international company with Japanese roots will support him and his original idea.

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