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Students invent innovative ideas for Fujifilm Manufacturing in Tilburg

Cooperation with educational institutions in The Netherlands


The so called ‘Fujifilm Future Challenge’, an initiative from Fujifilm and several educational institutions in The Netherlands, has started on 23 September 2016. In this competition students are challenged to think of innovative products or solutions for Fujifilm. During the coming months they will work in teams on new business models based on technologies of the multinational corporation. In total 30 students will participate, coming from Avans Academy for applied science, Technical University Eindhoven and the University of Tilburg. The best idea will be rewarded with the ‘Fujifilm Future Challenge Award 2016’. The winning team will also get an all expenses-paid trip to Barcelona, where they can present their winning business proposal to representatives of Fujifilm and visit the company’s Open Innovation Hub operated in that place.

On 23 September the students paid a first visit to the Fujifilm site in Tilburg. They had a tour in the Open Innovation Hub Europe and learned about the manifold technologies of the company. After that the teams started with a first orientation. The students will have access to technological specialists of Fujifilm and will be coached by the respective university or academic institution on how to develop new ideas and test these with customers.

This year Fujifilm started the Open Innovation Hub Europe in Tilburg, an institution where the company is looking for cooperation with business partners to jointly develop new products. In the search for innovation new ideas from students are considered an additional enrichment. For the students the challenge will be an educational experience.

About FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.
FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. is located in Tilburg and is one of Fujifilm's largest production facilities outside Japan. The company was founded in 1982, and has a staff of approximately 800 on 60 hectares land. The company produces membranes, photographic paper and offset plates. Tilburg's site also accommodates a Corporate Research Laboratory and an Open Innovation Hub. In Tilburg, there is a combination of expertise in research, production and supply chain management.

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