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Team Futureasia wins the Fujifilm Future Challenge 2016

Students think up innovative ideas for Fujifilm



Sustainable ink developed for creation of tattoos

During the finals of the Fujifilm Future Challenge, an idea from the Futureasia team was chosen as the best idea. The team came up with the idea for an innovative ink made specifically for the creation of tattoos, ink which has no ill affects on someone’s health or the environment. The jury’s chairman, Mr Mike Dingemans, Director New Business development at Fujifilm said: “I am very positive about the idea from the students.  We have seen six presentations.  There are some ideas which together with Fuji’s technology could be developed. The initiative for the challenge has arisen because we want to use our technology for issues in the future and these students are the future. They know as no one else, what this generation is involved in and what the requirements are. They focus on other areas and markets. The high level of professionality during the preparation and especially the enthusiasm which we have seen during the presentations gives a great deal of energy”.

The idea from Futureasia was rewarded with the Fujifilm Future Challenge Award 2016. The team consisting of: Aerbert Artytiunian, Grigoris Paptsoris, Mathijs Bookelmann and Wei Zong, students from the Tilburg University, also won an all-in trip to Barcelona, where they will present their business proposal, at the beginning of March 2017, to the management of Fujifilm.

In September the students paid a visit to Fujifilm. They had a tour in the Open Innovation Hub and learned more about the technologies of the company. After that, they started with their team. The students had access to technological specialists of Fujifilm and were coached by the university or academy how they could develop new ideas.

This year Fujifilm opened the Open Innovation Hub, where the company is looking for cooperation with partners to develop products together. In the search for innovation new ideas from students are an enrichment. For students the challenge was an educational experience. They have had a look in the technological kitchen of the multinational and had to deal with all facets of innovation and entrepreneurship.

About FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.
FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. is located in Tilburg and is one of Fujifilm's largest production facilities outside Japan. The company was founded in 1982, and has a staff of approximately 800 on 60 hectares land. The company produces membranes, photographic paper and offset plates. Tilburg's site also accommodates a Corporate Research Laboratory and an Open Innovation Hub. In Tilburg, there is a combination of expertise in research, production and supply chain management.