Middle East

Turkey is becoming an innovation base


Fujifilm, one of the leading technology companies of the world, is opening its technological infrastructure, ranging from photography and medical to graphic systems and industrial products, for entrepreneurs. Reserving 7% of its annual global revenue for R&D, “Open Innovation Hub Satellite”, which will operate in head office building of Fujifilm in Istanbul, was opened the day before yesterday and senior officials of local government, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Health, our partners and various universities, journalists, attended the event, hosted by Jun Higuchi, Middle East and Turkey President of Fujifilm. Jun Higuchi and Cengiz Metin, General Manager of Fujifilm Turkey, briefed the guests on the operations of Open Innovation Hub.

Turkey is the management center of 15 countries

Fujifilm Turkey, which is the management center of 15 countries, including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, thanks to its successful operations, is now becoming an “Innovation Base”. Open Innovation Hub Satellite will host the development of different technologies, based on ideas emerging in Turkey as well as Caucasus, Central Asia, Balkans, Middle East and African countries. In addition to main fields of operation of Fujifilm in Turkey, such as medical systems, graphic systems, industrial products, digital cameras and photography printing products, its global know-how will also be available for all companies, universities and entrepreneurs. Potential partners, preferably those, who have studies, projects and ideas on “health, energy, environment and industry”, can visit this hub in order to benefit from collaboration opportunities.

Value from Innovation

Highlighting that Fujifilm places a great emphasis on innovation and has transformed it to a global slogan that is used with Fujifilm’s logo, Jun Higuchi,  President of Fujifilm Middle East and Turkey, says, “Value from Innovation slogan reveals Fujifilm's potential. On the other hand, it shows Fujifilm’s commitment to continuously develop innovative technologies, products and services in order to create the future’s businesses and lifestyle. Our innovation hub will lead the future with advanced technologies. We will also collaborate with public institutions to make contributions to research and development projects in need.”

"It will inspire"

“Our mission is to help all people around the world in increasing their life quality with our sustainable corporate operations” says Jun Higuchi, President of Fujifilm Middle East and Turkey, and adds, “Fujifilm Turkey has become the management center of 15 countries and now we are opening the entire global know-how of Fujifilm to the business world as well as ideas. Our Open Innovation Hub Satellite will enable to discover global innovations. We have started our journey with photographic film and we have developed numerous fundamental technologies ranging up to medical. We have introduced these technologies effectively in order to develop more advanced products. This hub will inspire entrepreneurs in a wide area that want to follow technical advancements of Fujifilm and those persons that want to establish close relationships with new technologies. So, come and let’s blend your ideas with our technologies.”