Easy-to-view “real time” shooting data display “Advanced Optical zoom viewfinder”

Advanced Optical Viewfinder

  • Conventional optical viewfinder
  • FUJIFILM X20's optical viewfinder

Comprising 2 aspherical lenses, 2 glass prisms and other high performance optical elements, the real-image optical zoom viewfinder delivers 85% coverage and a 20° horizontal apparent field of view with amazing optical clarity. Integrated in less than 1mm of space in the viewfinder configuration, the Digital Trans Panel, an ultra-thin LCD panel not only maintains the brightness of the optical viewfinder, but also provides a clear display of the focus area, shutter speed and other shooting information so you can compose your shot without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

  • Structure of Advanced Optical Viewfinder
  • Digital Trans Panel

Depending on conditions, the color of information in the viewfinder changes.

The newly developed Digital Trans panel automatically switches the color of information in the shooting frame according to the scene and shooting conditions. Normally displayed in black, shooting information is automatically displayed by green LEDs for enhanced visibility in especially dark scenes. This function also applies to the display of the focusing area frame when AF fixes on a subject. And when an error occurs, the displayed information changes to red to aid your shooting decisions.

  • 1: Flash / Self Time
  • 2: Focus Area
  • 3: Parallax Caution / AF Error / Blur Caution
  • 4: Focus Mark
  • 5: Shutter Speed / Exposure Value / ISO
  • 6: Aperture
  • 7: Shooting Mode
  • Under bright conditions
  • AF error Display
  • When AF fixes on a subject
  • Under dark conditions
  • AF error Display
  • When AF fixes on a subject

Special prism is the key to the bright viewfinder.

The adoption of a Dach glass prism in the advanced zoom viewfinder contributes to both FUJIFILM X20's compact size and exceptionally clear, bright view.

Eye Sensor

When you bring the camera to your eye, the viewfinder can sense it and will switch automatically to viewfinder mode. Then when you lower the camera the display switches to the LCD on the back of the camera. Alternatively you can select to always display images on the LCD or to always use the Viewfinder depending on your preferences.

Diopter Adjustment Dial

Located on the left-hand side of the viewfinder, the dial lets you adjust viewfinder focus from -3.5 - +1.5m-1 (dpt) for comfortable viewing even for glasses wearers.

  • 1: Diopter adjustment control dial
  • 2: Eye sensor


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.

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