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FUJIFILM Announces New Device (iPad, Android) Solution

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce the development of its new online photo service applications at Photokina 2010. The new applications are able to respond to online photo orders from the recently released and extremely popular iPad and mobile devices equipped with the Android operating system. Since late 2008, mobile device manufacturers in various countries have been incorporating the Android operating system into smart phones and retailing these around the world. The release of the multifunctional iPad in the spring of 2010 has also attracted much global attention. These next-generation devices enable Internet access wherever the user may be, and with their easy-to-use touchpad and interfacing capabilities, these devices have ushered in a whole new lifestyle concept. In response to the new user needs generated by these next-generation communication systems, Fujifilm developed the online ordering application PHOTOGENIE TOUCH for iPhone users, and now offers new online photo ordering applications for iPad and Android. The new applications enable a high-level and diverse range of photo editing functions with easy operability, and users of iPad and Android will be able to enjoy a wide variety of photo services anytime, anywhere. 1. Applications PHOTO GENIE TOUCH for iPad
– a specially developed App for iPad. PHOTO GENIE TOUCH for Android
– a specially developed application for the Android operating system. 2. Features a) – Easy editing function with automatic layout
    – Advanced image editing for those with specific imaging needs All features designed exclusively for easy operability on the multitouch facilities of iPad and the Android operating system. b) Fujifilm’s online photo system allows users to order digital prints and a range of other value-added imaging products and services. Planned services include digital prints, photobooks, photo gifts and other printed products. c) The applications will enable users to utilize Fujifilm’s online storage and browsing facilities. Users will also be able to place orders of previously stored images from their own personal computers. This function gives users access to a wider selection of images stored online*1,2 and does not limit them to images available only on iPad or Android.

*1. Connection to online storage will not yet be available within the iPad App for the Photokina. This will be coming soon. *2. Fujifilm is currently examining the possibility of collaborating with other storage service providers to augment its own online storage service.
iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.
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