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Fujifilm's digital camera X100 wins iF Product Design Award of iF Design Awards 2012



iF Product Design Award 2012

The premium compact digital camera X100 by Fujifilm Corporation has won the iF Product Design Award in the iF Design Awards 2012, i.e. industrial design awards organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH. The iF Product Design Award, established in 1953, is one of the most prestigious industrial design awards in the world.   FUJIFILM X100  X100 features the Hybrid Viewfinder, which has attracted attention since its development announcement in September 2010 for its technologically advanced and topical features. It also incorporates the know-how that Fujifilm has built up over many years through film and film cameras. Fujifilm reverted to the original value of cameras, "passion for photography" and pursued a design that makes users feel pleasure in photographic experiences. This model delivers premium image quality comparable to that of SLRs, and offers operability and design that suit photographers' desire while bringing a sense of joy to everyone who holds it in their hands. Design of X100 that represent what cameras should be have also been received highly, winning prominent awards including TIPA, EISA and Camera GP2011 thus far.   Fujifilm will continue to pursue technological innovation in order to deliver new products and services that address user needs.   FUJIFILM X100 website:  
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