Axon Omnivor: Digital light box reads patient CDs of all kinds

Convincing solution for doctors who works without PACS

Physicians in private practice who do not have their own PACS system now have an easy way of visualising patient CDs of all kinds. The services the classic light box used to perform in the days of x-ray film and analogue images are now provided by Axon Omnivor from Fujifilm. This multifunctional DICOM image viewer provides effective support in the examination of digital image data, all the way to the representation of three-dimensional layers. The name Omnivor refers to an animal that eats all types of food, indicating that a wide variety of CD formats can be processed without any adjustments necessary.

The complete system is made up of the components Axon Omnivor Software and an Apple iMac. The basic software package and the software module for three-dimensional imaging are offered separately. Axon Omnivor can be deployed in doctors´ offices and clinics, supports all common DICOM formats, works very quickly, and displays results in high quality. As image source, patient CDs in a wide variety of formats can be used, or the doctor can draw on data stored on a hard disk or network. In addition to standard functions such as greyscale windowing, zoom, rotate, mirror, focus or sequencing, Axon Omnivor also offers the additional functions of a DICOM image viewer. These include the multiplanar reconstruction of CT and MR data as well as the real-time representation of cardio sequences with simultaneous ECG display.

The new Axon Omnivor system is based on Java technology and thus works independently from the operating system. The user interface is comparable to that in standard office applications and can thus be learned quickly and intuitively. Thanks to a special 3D mode integrated into the Axon Omnivor System, CT and MR volume data can be segmented and represented as three-dimensional volume or surface models. In the clearly arranged 3D layout, all functions are quick and easy to access. The Object Manager takes charge of central administration of the segmented objects object. Düsseldorf, May 2008

Further information: FUJIFILM Europe GmbH Medical Systems Division systems
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