English version of GT-Document Lite to be distributed for FREE at AppStore and GooglePlay

Layout distortion-free displaying of various documents stored in the online storage "Dropbox" on smartphones


GT-Document Lite for Dropbox (iPhone)

FUJIFILM, Inc. (President: Shigetaka Komori) has developed its original document viewer "GT-Document" that can display various documents on a smartphone without any distortions in the layout. As of today, "GT-Document Lite for Dropbox", a smartphone application that made the document viewer compatible with the online storage "Dropbox", is currently distributed for free at AppStore and GooglePlay. At present, the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing. The number is also increasing among the users who view the documents they stored in typical cloud online file storage providers such as "Dropbox". Even in companies, in addition to common business scenarios, the need for utilizing smartphones in businesses such as telecommuting is increasing. However, there is a problem which has been pointed out where the documents cannot be displayed correctly on the smartphone because of the frequent distortions in the layout when one is using ordinary document viewers. There is even a risk of data leakages in case of losing the smartphone because the data remains in the mobile terminal once the document has been downloaded and displayed on it. Through the unique image processing technology of FUJIFILM's "GT Document", the application converts various documents into hi-resolution JPEG images on its server, compresses the images and instantly sends them to the smartphone. As a result, hi-resolution documents can be instantly displayed on the smartphone's screen free of layout distortions. A complete thin client solution does not allow data to remain in the smartphone. It ensures security so that risks of a data leakage can be avoided in case of losing the smartphone. As described above, GT-Document has a completely different concept compared to ordinary document viewers. It can be also used to share and manage not only personal data, but also corporate data as well. FUJIFILM has been distributing the Japanese language version of "GT-Document Lite for Dropbox", a smartphone application made compatible to the online storage "Dropbox", since March last year. However, the company will also distribute the English version of the smartphone application starting from today. FUJIFILM will also provide English-speaking users the convenience of displaying various documents stored in "Dropbox" in hi-resolutions with their smartphones at hand. Furthermore, the application can be downloaded and used for free by typing the search keyword "GT-Document Lite for Dropbox" on AppStore (iPhone/iPad users) and Google Play (Android mobile users). FUJIFILM aims at expanding its mobile business domain in the future and it continues to provide high quality products, systems and services to the people who are using them.

GT-Document Lite for Dropbox

Name: GT-Document Lite for Dropbox
Availability: Worldwide
Supported Formats:  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Format (PDF), Rich Text, Just System  “Hanako” “Ichitaro”, Fuji Xerox “Docuworks”, image data (JPEG, PNG, GIF)
  1. Dropbox: An online file storage service that enables multiple computers in online storages and locales to share and synchronize data among each other. Sharing and synchronizing data can be done by only dragging and dropping files to a special folder. Storage of up to 2GB of data for free is possible.
  2. AppStore: A website operated by Apple which provides application download services for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  3. Google Play: A website by Google Inc. which provides application download services for Android.
  4. Thin client: A system which only has the minimum necessary functions and executes most of the processes on the server for client devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
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