Fujifilm at the European Congress of Radiology

Solutions for Digital Mammography, Hospital diagnosis imaging with Flat Panel Devices, Mobile X-Ray and Medical IT Systems

Under the motto `Enhancing the Quality of Life´ Fujifilm Europe GmbH is participating in the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which is held from 6 to 10 March in Vienna, Austria. Fujifilm will be presenting an expanded portfolio of digital radiography solutions in the areas of digital mammography and hospital workflow with newly developed flat panel devices, mobile X-Ray and medical IT systems.

As the new highlight of a solution for women’s healthcare, Fujifilm presents AMULET as its first DR-based Full Field Digital Mammography system (FFDM). Based on advanced dual layer amorphous selenium (a-Se) DR detector technology and an innovative direct conversion method, the system will provide exceptional image quality while also offering the opportunity for reduced dose and enhanced workflow efficiency. This patented system provides one of the world’s smallest pixel size of 50µm in the direct-conversion FFDMs and produces both high resolution and low noise images. Around the AMULET, Fujifilm offers a complete Women's Healthcare package, including CAD (Computer Aided Detection) for mammography, one shot phantom for QC program and the SYNAPSE Breast Imaging Diagnostic Workstation (BIDW).

The SYNAPSE BIDW is being introduced specifically to complement Fujifilm’s DR and CR for mammography solutions and provide better workstation interpretation capabilities for facilities that may use another vendor’s PACS. Delivering full SYNAPSE PACS functionality, this new standalone workstation is designed to be a supplement to any facility’s existing PACS, and meet the market need for more clinically and operationally advanced systems to support breast imaging.

Fujifilm’s Breast Imaging Diagnostic Workstation was designed with not only clinical, but operational and integration needs in mind. In addition to providing Fujifilm’s renowned image quality, it also offers the ability to support CAD and provides Fujifilm’s patented reading protocol technology for efficient reading workflow. Upon image acquisition all FFDM studies are automatically sent to the BIDW where image display is available in seconds and prior studies can be accessed for comparison, all ensuring optimal operational efficiency is maintained for radiologists. This functionality is not limited to breast imaging, because it is Synapse PACS. Furthermore, the BIDW can be completely integrated with all other radiology systems, including any mammography specific reporting systems, RIS and PACS. As well as above solution, Fujifilm offers the same image solution with FCR PROFECT CS; It’s best selling FFDM. In recognition of the superior quality of its Computed Radiography mammography, Fujifilm has been awarded with the “2009 European Mammography Systems Product Quality Leadership Award”, of Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company.

Another focal point is FDR AcSelerate*, a groundbreaking flat panel DR system which will revolutionize the capabilities of flat panel detectors using amorphous selenium direct image capture technology to produce general radiographic images of exceptional quality. It represents the next generation in Fujifilm’s 25-year history of digital x-ray capture technology.

As a mobile solution, FCR Go, an easy to use, mobile x-ray system significantly increases efficiency and dramatically shortens exam times and thus fits naturally for addressing the wide-ranging needs of portable imaging. The system, which was introduced in 2008, significantly boosts sales in Europe.

For small clinics and digital radiography starters Fujifilm announces a product family under the name of PRIMA*, composed of ``FCR PRIMA´´, the reader unit, `` FCR PRIMA Console´´, the console, and ``DRYPIX PRIMA´´, the imager. Designed as an All-in-one package, the system is suitable for many solutions that require high quality and high reliability, characteristics which have been offered also by previous FCR systems. In addition Fujifilm announces new solutions in Medical IT Systems with the deployment of a completely integrated solution for Radiology, Cardiovascular and Women’s Healthcare. The company has become the first major vendor to deliver seamless, Web-based access to all radiology, mammography and cardiovascular images and information from one workstation, with a single sign-on and familiar user interface. Together the three modules `SYNAPSE Radiology´, `SYNAPSE Women’s Imaging´ and `SYNAPSE Cardiovascular´ build on the success of the industry’s first true Web- based PACS, providing a complete imaging and informatics platform to support the needs of enterprise imaging.

``Medical Systems is a strategic growth sector within the Fujifilm group´´, says Tsuneo Sakai, Senior Vice President Medical Systems at Fujifilm Europe GmbH. ``Fujifilm will continue to develop innovative solutions in the field of medical systems. We will develop Fujifilm into a healthcare company; the scope will then include preventive medicine, diagnostics and treatment.´´ About Fujifilm FUJIFILM Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, Tokyo, and delivers technology solutions to meet the imaging and information needs of retailers, consumers, professionals and business customers. Fujifilm is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging products and network systems to meet the needs of healthcare facilities today and well into the future. Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS provides a seamless solution for managing, storing and distributing images and information throughout the entire healthcare enterprise. Its Web integrated design and hardware-independence provide a technological infrastructure and deployment model that can be expanded in many ways to adapt to evolving technologies. Fujifilm employs more than 78,000 people worldwide and in the year ended March 31, 2008, had global revenues in excess of 18 billion Euro. The Fujifilm group comprises of 267 subsidiaries and 32 affiliated companies. Approximately 7% of global turnover are invested into Research and Development each year – enabling the development of new and leading-edge products and services to ensure future growth. Duesseldorf, 25 February 2009

Note: With reference to the indicated features and managed services these may not be available in all countries *These products are under development and are not commercially available in Europe.
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