Fujifilm Future Challenge Award 2018: We are on a mission!


Fujifilm has a mission to improve the quality of life for people worldwide. To do so we challenge students to help us. Our expertise, together with fresh new ideas can contribute to a better world!

The kick off of the Fujifilm Future Challenge 2018 took place on Monday 1st of October. The FFC is an initiative from Fujifilm and educational institutions. In this competition students are challenged to think of innovative products or solutions based on Fujifilm-technology.  In two months they will work in teams on new business models based on technologies of the multinational. This is the third time the challenge is held. In 2016 the winning team developed a new product for permanent ink for tattoos, last year the winning team designed an indicator that shows you the actual state of expiry of food products.

The challenge

Students will be challenged to find new and novel product ideas based on the technologies and expertise of Fujifilm. Invent the future and bring their own solutions to big problems. They will have access to specialists in all of the key innovation competencies at Fujifilm. The students will be coached on how to develop ideas, spot opportunities and test if their idea will contribute to a new sustainable product or business. For the students it will be a great experience in a great international company where they can learn about creativity, innovation and think like an entrepreneur!

What is the prize?

The best idea will be awarded the Fujifilm Future Innovation Award 2018. The best team will win a trip to Barcelona.

Who will participate?

Students from Avans Innovative Studio, Avans ASIS, Thomas More Campus Geel  and from the University of Tilburg School of Economics and Management will take part. By participating (depending on your host institution) they can earn credits, it may also lead to an internship, graduation project or even a job offer.

What’s the plan?

Over a period of two months, students will work in a multi-disciplinary team to develop new product ideas. They get a glimpse into the technological kitchen of Fujifilm. Besides the teams will use their entrepreneurial skills: work on validating an idea and exploring if it is viable, and if it represents a real business opportunity. In short, they will face all of the key facets of the innovation and entrepreneurship process. During the challenge a mentor guides the group of students towards a successful and winning proposal. Finally, each team will pitch their idea to a panel of experts and… may the best idea win!