Fujifilm launches Computed Radiography PRIMA series for the clinical environment

Dry Pix Prima

Dry Pix Prima

For small clinics and digital radiography starters Fujifilm announces a product family under the name of PRIMA, composed of FCR PRIMA, the reader unit, FCR PRIMA Console, the console, and DRYPIX PRIMA, the imager. Designed as an all-in-one package, the system is suitable for many solutions that require high quality and high reliability, characteristics which have been offered also by previous FCR systems.

The FCR PRIMA is one of the most compact reader units on the market. The required space is comparatively smaller than other similar table-top systems and can be installed easily in open space. Another advantage of this unit is that in case of replacement of an analogue Film Screen System a darkroom and chemicals are not needed any longer.

Flexible reading in various sizes, stable and optimized images

The IP cassette can read various imaging sizes such as for the chest, lumbar spine, pantomography (15 x 30cm*), and extremities. Virtually all imaging requirements can be satisfied with a single unit. *Optional (To be chosen at the time of purchase)

It is possible to select the monitor diagnosis system and / or the film diagnosis system. By selecting one anatomical menu, the imaging plate will be read out and the resulting image will be processed by Fujifilm’s proprietory Image Intelligence technology, resulting in highly optimised images. Image Intelligence software from Fujifilm is an integration of various digital image processing technologies to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the entire image without the risk of losing image details.

Fujifilm FCR systems have proven to be day-in and day-out reliable, thanks to the well-designed product design features and the built in redundancy that prevents problems before they occur. Working with the proven durability of FCR, it will provide maximum uptime for medical facilities.

FCR Prima – key facts: - Compact footprint, only 0.24m2 - Stable and optimized images - Flexible reading in various sizes - Throughput of up to 29 images an hour - Repeated use of IP

Duesseldorf, 12. August, 2009


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