Fujifilm shows full-lineup of world premiere 600 and 580 flagship endoscopes at UEGW 2014

At the occasion of United Gastroenterology Week (UEGW) in Vienna, which is held from October 18 – 22nd in Vienna, Austria, Fujifilm, as a pioneer in diagnostic imaging presents a further development for the endoscopy sector to provide solutions that bring a strong benefit to physicians and patients. Wide range flagship lineup can cover various endoscopic procedures and bring it up to advanced quality.

Next Generation of Magnification Endoscopy Combined With CMOS Technology

With the latest CMOS endoscopes Fujifilm set new standards in imaging solutions and realized a unique and outstanding endoscopic image quality. Now, as the next step of innovation, the company is applying this high end imaging technology to set new standards in Magnification endoscopy. Detection and characterization of tissue structures and lesions within the gastrointestinal tract is one of the major topics to detect and prevent gastric disease in an early status.

Fujifilm´s latest technology of CMOS magnification endoscopes open new horizons for such medical requirements. Physicians can change easily by a one button system between 2 or 3 focus levels upon their needs. While focusing on tissue structure or lesions, the endoscopic lens is moving to the tip of the endoscope, what allows especially in combination with the CMOS chip technology an outstanding near focus image with a fast image adaption. The whole procedure is fully easy to handle for physicians by pushing a one button system to reach the next focus level. As a result, an outstanding image with precise structure informations can be realized. This new generation of magnification imaging solutions will set new standards during patients examinations and helps physicians to diagnose and treat their patients as never before.
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