Texopaque Classic OP

Een reeks van hoogdekkende plastisolinkten ontwikkeld voor nat-in-nat drukken op de meest natuurlijke en synthetische stoffen.

Minimal Build Up on Press

Texopaque Classic OP incorporates Co-plus technology that minimises build up during printing.  This significantly increases production output by reducing press down time, and helps to avoid spoilt garments due to defective printing.

Soft Hand

The proprietary chemistry used in the ink formulation allows Texopaque Classic OP to produce prints that have a soft handle, making the printed garments comfortable to wear.

PANTONE®* Matching System

Texopaque Classic OP inks have pre-matched formulations for the colours in the coated (‘C’ suffixed) section of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide.  These formulations have been individually colour matched, and proof printed onto fabrics using commercial printing presses.

Hints & Tips

The following related Hints & Tips documents are available:


*PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

  • High opacity
  • Excellent wet on wet printability
  • Good wash resistance
  • Virtually unlimited screen stability
  • Oekotex Standard 100 Class 2


Toepassing Opaque wet on wet printing textile ink
Kleurenbereik Line and process colours
Compatibele stoffen Cotton and most synthetics
Bestendigheid tegen chemisch reinigen Not suitable
Droog-/uithardsnelheid Prints must reach 160oC
Inkttechnologie Plastisol
Maas 34–120 monofilament
Verdunnen Press ready
Wasbestendigheid 60°C