Nylotex NX

Nylotex NX zeefdrukinkten zijn zeer flexibel en speciaal ontwikkeld voor het drukken op nylon en synthetische stoffen.

Nylotex NX screen inks are especially suitable for printing onto nylon and synthetic fabrics including many which have been treated for water resistance.  Nylotex NX can also be used for producing sportswear, work wear and other types of textile transfer.

Adhesion to Water Resistant Fabrics 

The novel chemistry used in Nylotex NX inks makes them suitable for printing onto many synthetic fabrics that have been treated with a water resistant coating.  Addition of an optional catalyst can further improve adhesion onto difficult substrates.

Transfer Production

The high flexibility and good resistance properties of Nylotex NX inks makes them suitable for producing many types of sportswear and work wear transfer.  These transfers can be used to decorate many types of fabric that are otherwise problematic.

PANTONE®* Matching System

Nylotex NX inks have pre-matched formulations for the colours in the coated (‘C’ suffixed) section of the PANTONE® Colour Formula Guide.  These formulations have been individually colour matched, and proof printed onto fabrics using commercial printing presses.

Hints & Tips

The following related Hints & Tips document is available:

  • Sportswear Transfers


*PANTONE® is the property of Pantone, Inc.

  • Excellent flexibility
  • Good wash fastness
  • Excellent adhesion
  • PANTONE® Matching System