Textile Colour Concentrates TK

Textile Colour Concentrate TK is een reeks op watergebaseerde pigmentconcentraten te gebruiken in alle watergedragen textielinkten.

Colour Concentrate

Textile Colour Concentrate TK is designed to increase colour strength of Fujifilm water-based textile inks.  These concentrates cannot be printed on their own.



  • Bright, transparent colour concentrates
  • Used with water-based ink
  • VOC free


Toepassing Water based colour concentrate
Kleurenbereik Colour concentrates for line colours
Compatibele stoffen Suitably dyed cotton fabrics
Bestendigheid tegen chemisch reinigen Suitable for most dry clean cycles
Droog-/uithardsnelheid 160oC for 2-3 minutes
Inkttechnologie Pigment concentrate
Maas 34-62 monofilament
Verdunnen Press ready
Wasbestendigheid 60°C