Fujifilm produceert een reeks producten voor het maken van textieltransfers.

Product information sheets on the following processes and products are available:

  • Texopaque Hot Peel Transfer System
  • General Purpose Plastisol Transfers
  • Litho Back-up White
  • Transfer Papers


Toepassing Water based transfer ink
Kleurenbereik Base plus concentrate system plus opaque white
Compatibele stoffen Most natural and synthetic fabrics
Bestendigheid tegen chemisch reinigen Not suitable
Droog-/uithardsnelheid Prints must reach a minimum of 100ºC for 2-3 minutes
Inkttechnologie Water based
Maas 43-90 monofilament
Verdunnen Up to 5% with ZE592
Wasbestendigheid 60ºC
    • Transfer Printing