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FUJIFILM Acquires Russian Distributor of its Medical and Imaging Products

Establishing Overseas Local Subsidiaries in BRICs

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) has acquired, through its European local corporation, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH (President Shigehiro Nakajima), all shares in “FUJIFILM-RU” (herefater, Fujifilm Russia), a Russian independent distributor of its medical and imaging products, from Marubeni Corporation. Establishing a direct sale structure by turning an independent distributor into its own sbusidiary, Fujifilm will accelerate its business expansion in the Russian market where high economic growth is expected in the mid- to long-term.

Since its incorporation in 1993, Fujifilm Russia has established its customer base in Russia as a distributing company for imaging products such as photography related equipment and medical products. In particular, it has been creating new demand for digitalization in medical diagnostic imaging, such as expanding sales of the FCR*1 digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems. In the future, under a direct sales structure, Fujifilm will strengthen its capabilities to provide total solutions including Fujifilm’s global strategic product, the SYNAPSE*2 medical-use picture archiving and communication system. Furthermore, through marketing and sales activities which respond immediately to market needs, it will push forward the expansion of its medical business in the healthcare market which is expected to grow rapidly.

In the imaging business, where digital camera is showing growth, Fujifilm will strengthen its organization by disseminating Fujifilm’s digital printing solution to address diversifying user needs (a system that is able to provide easy and speedy ordering with various output methods) to capture the expanding value-added printing demand such as digital camera printing and Photobook, and expand business by increasing market share.

With the acquisition of Fujifilm Russia as a subsidiary, Fujifilm has established local corpoarations in all four BRICs countries and will strongly push forward with its growth strategy in the global market.

Outline of Fujifilm Russia

Business description: Sales, servicing, and maintenance of medical products such as X-ray film, medical image diagnosis equipment, medical image information systems etc. and imaging products such as photography film, photographic paper, developing equipment, motion picture film, and digital cameras

Capital: 29 million rubles Headquarters: Moscow City Representative: Shuichi Hanada Number of employees: 80

*1 Abbreviation of ``Fuji Computed Radiography.´´ This is Fujifilm’s medical-use digital X-ray diagnostic imaging system with top global market share. It reads the X-ray image information recorded on the Imaging Plate (IP) and generates a highly accurate diagnostic image using digital image processing designed to be optimal for each specific diagnostic purpose. Fujifilm commercialized it in 1983 ahead of world competitors.

*2 The brand name of Fujifilm’s radiology PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System. A medical image information system that electronically archives, searches, and analyzes images from medical image diagnosis systems such as CT, MRI and CR). With its extraordinary stability at 99.99% and high image quality, it boasts top market share in Japan and has been adopted by 2,000 medical facilities around the world.

Duesseldorf, January 15, 2009
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