Fascinating views with no jittering

Fascinating views with no jittering

The Stabiscopes offer stable vision from any kind of vehicle, regardless if it is a helicopter, all-terrain vehicle or speedboat. The outstanding performance of the reliable mechanics and precision-made optical system allow brilliant handheld views at 12 x and 16 x magnifications. A Day+Night version with high-grade Photonis image intensifiers is available, too. The Stabiscopes’ technological predominance has turned them into a world-wide reference for stabilized binoculars. They are preferred by air force units, special police forces, SAR units and customs service. Even NASA is using them in its space program.

  • Enjoy a rock-steady view During long periods of hand-held observation
  • While out at sea
  • When observing from moving cars or helicopters
The Stabicospe in detail
  • Gyroscopic image stabilization with unsurpassed vibration suppression on moving vehicles and helicopters
  • Designed with water and fog proof construction (Nitrogen Purged).
  • Maximum stabilization range of ±5º in all directions.
  • Low-consumption power supply either via batteries or external DC regulator
  • Extremely tough body to protect against impacts and scratching
  • Ideal for hand-held use even with gloves on






Stabiscope S12x40

Magnification 12x
Øyeavstand i mm 17
Synsfelt 4.7°
Synsfelt ved 1000 m i m 82
Utgangspupill i mm 3.3
Demringsfaktor 21.9
Lengde i mm 210
Bredde, maks. i mm 200
Vekt (kg) 1.8
Bærerem Supplied

Stabiscope S16x40

Magnification 16x
Øyeavstand i mm 12
Synsfelt 3.4°
Synsfelt ved 1000 m i m 60
Utgangspupill i mm 2.5
Demringsfaktor 25.3
Avstandsområde mellom pupiller (mm) 60~70
Lengde i mm 210
Bredde, maks. i mm 200
Vekt (kg) 1.8
Bærerem Supplied