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Binoculars with image-stabilization for vibration-free viewing from boats, automobiles and other places subject to vibrations.

Fascinating views with no jittering

The TECHNO-STABI® Series offers a high-powered model (12x and 14X magnification) that is stabilized, offering unique performance when used from moving vehicles or vessels at sea. These image stabilizing binoculars lock in on the subject to create a stabilized field of vision at high. The compact 12x28 binocular, lightweight and ergonomic design is ideal for nature watching, sports, concerts and astronomical use where the user may want to utilize a higher magnification without a tripod.

The 14x40 TECHNO-STABI employs FUJINON’S unique EBC coating, allowing exceptional light transmission. With high stabilization freedom, you are sure to get a solid image of virtually anything that flies, floats, or rocks and rolls!

The Techno-Stabi in detail


  • Opto-electronic image stabilization with excellent vibration suppression. The vibration correction range of the TS14x40 is ±5° and TS12x28 ±3°.
  • The precise center focus wheel, makes it possible to bring details into sharp focus with just the movement of the finger.
  • Powerful objetive lenses, multi-coated optics and phase coated prisms for maximum image quality.
  • The14x magnification brings far away boats and other objects very close retaining maximal accuracy.
  • TS 12X28 constantly delivers a stable field of view by correcting for hand movement over the entire magnification range.
  • Auto off functions automatically switch power off, reducing unnecessary power consumption.
  • The comfortable neck strap and soft case makes for easy transportation.




Techno-Stabi TS12x28

Forstørrelse 12x
Øyeavstand i mm 17.5mm
Synsfelt FOV @1000 yds 73m
Utgangspupill i mm 2.5mm
Vekt (kg) 0,42
Objektivdiameter 28mm


Interpupillary distance range


Neck strap


Carrying case


Techno-Stabi 14x40

Forstørrelse 14x
Objektivdiameter (mm) 40
Øyeavstand i mm 13
Synsfelt ved 1000 m i m 70
Utgangspupill i mm 2.86
Demringsfaktor 23.7
Avstandsområde mellom pupiller (mm) 60~70
Vekt (kg) 1.3
Flyterem Supplied
Bæreveske Supplied