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Pola firmowe: Photo Imaging, Photographic Film and Paper, Minilab Systems
Adres Franseweg 65, 4651 GE Steenbergen
Telefon: +31 (0)167 569911
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FUJIFILM Electronic Imaging Nederland [Group Company]

Pola firmowe: Electronic Imaging
Adres Papland 18, 4206 CL Gorinchem, Netherlands
Telefon: +31 (0)10-281 25 00
E-mail: info(at)fujifilm-digital(dot)com
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FUJIFILM Europe BV [Group Company]

Pola firmowe: Holding company and operational business centre in Europe
Adres Oudenstaart 1, 5047 TK Tilburg , The Netherlands
Telefon: +31 13 579 19 11
Informacje o firmie: FUJIFILM Europe BV [Group Company]

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. [Group Company]

Pola firmowe: Manufacturing of colour paper and offset plates, Membranes
Adres Industrieterrein Vossenberg, Oudenstaart 1, 5047 TK Tilburg, The Netherlands
Telefon: +31 13 579 19 11
Informacje o firmie: FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. [Group Company]

FUJIFILM Medical Systems France S.A.S. (Belgium office)

Pola firmowe: Medical Systems
Adres Westpoort 62 bus 00.02, 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium
Telefon: +32 (03) 760 03 33
Faks: +32 (03) 7666998
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FUJIFILM Recording Media GmbH, Benelux office [Group Company]

Pola firmowe: Recording Media
Adres Louis pasteurstraat 11 3920, Lommel, Belgium
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FUJIFILM Sericol Nederlands BV [Group Company]

Pola firmowe: Graphic Systems, Ink and Printing Materials
Adres Aalsvoort 63 7241 MA Lochem
Telefon: +31 (0)573 408060
Faks: +31 (0)573 408061
E-mail: fsnl.sales(at)fujifilm(dot)com
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manroland Benelux N.V. [Distributor]

Pola firmowe: Graphic Systems
Adres Kuiperbergweg 50, 1101 AG Amsterdam-zuidoost, The Netherlands
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Motion Picture Film N.V. [Distributor]

Pola firmowe: Motion Picture Films
Adres 33, Rue Gustave Schildknecht, 1020 Bruxelles, Belgium
Telefon: 31-20-6250714
Uwaga: In addition to Belgium, this distributor also covers Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

FMH Medical B.V. [Distributor]

Pola firmowe: Endoscopic Systems
Adres Landjuweel 16-7, 3905 PG Veenendaal, NL
Telefon: +31 (0)318-543223
Faks: +31 (0)318-523635