EC-600W-M / W-I / W-L

Field of view 140°
Observation range 2–100 mm
Bending capability Up 180°/Down 180°
Right 160°/Left 160°
Distal end diameter 12.0 mm
Flexible portion diameter 12.0 mm
Working channel diameter 3.8 mm
Working length 1,330/1,520/1,690 mm
Total length 1,630/1,820/1,990 mm

ELUXEO™ Lite EP-6000

The ELUXEO™ Lite EP-6000 combines a reliable 3-LED light source with a processor that enables you to make use of the many features provided by Fujifilm’s wide range of scopes. 

Video processor with built-in LED light source EP-6000

Combined with the 700 series the innovative visualisation modes LCI (Linked Colour Imaging) and BLI (Blue Light Imaging) are available. 

Due to the use of economical LED lamps with a long durability this system is very eco-friendly. It is also compatible with the 600 and 500 series of scopes. The ELUXEO™ Lite EP-6000 creates quality images and videos displayed in full HD on the monitor. Automatic back-up mode for data storage is integrated and the processor is also DICOM compatible.

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