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Image Application

The Exposure Data Recogniser (EDR) technology is a digital imaging technology and was born as a result of our long experience in the field of Computed Radiography (CR). This technology automatically adjusts the density and the contrast of images.

Non dependent on X-ray exposure level

3mA                                                                        30mA

Non dependent on Voltage level

60Kvp                                                                        120Kvp

The processing applicable for all types of FCR imaging, MFP is an improved version of FUJIFILM's renowned Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and frequency enhancement to provide more diagnostic information from a single exposure image. MFP improves visibility of both dense and peripheral tissues by simultaneously applying edge enhancement processing to small to large structures within an image.

Without MFP-DRC                                                   With MFP-DRC

Through separation of the noise and the signal of an image, it is possible to selectively decrease the noise level. Maximum selective exclusion of unnecessary information translates into easier diagnosis.

Without FNC <span style="width: 200px; display: inline-block;">&nbsp;</span> With FNC

The processing allows highlighting of specific areas of interest on the CR Console image by blackening out unneeded surrounding areas of the irradiated field of the image. (Optional)


FUJIFILM's A-VR automatically detects and distinguishes between image data and alphanumeric characters, ensuring clear, sharp alphanumerics even when noisy images require smooth interpolation of image data. Benefits include easier, faster, more accurate diagnosis.


Imaging Technology