Perfect view at day and night

By combining Fujinon’s spectacular optical quality with Europe’s top class Photonis XD 4 and autogated XR 5 image intensifiers we are proud to extend the night vision detection and identification range to levels never reached before. The excellent mechanical workmanship of the Day/Night binoculars maintains their mil-spec shockproofness and waterproofness to allow a permanent use under tough conditions. Their exchangeable day and night eyepieces expand their versatility to full 24 / 7 operations.

The Day/Night series in detail

The Day + Night binoculars from Fujinon offer sharp and bright pictures -at every application and at any time

  • Replaceable day and night eyepieces
  • Powerful image intensifier tubes from Photonis
  • For 24 hours applications on land and at sea
  • Police and security sector
  • Marine and professional shipping
  • Long range observation
  • Border control and coast guard 


8x50 FMTR D/N

Magnification 8x
Odległość od oka w mm Day vision: 31.1
Night vision: 24.5
Pole widzenia Day vision: 6.4°
Night Vision: 4.5°
Pole widzenia na 1000 m w m Day vision: 112
Night vision: 79
Źrenica wyjściowa w mm Day vision: 6.25
Night vision: -
Współczynnik zmierzchu Day vision: 20.0
Night vision: -
Długość w mm Day vision: 238
Night vision: 251
Waga (kg) Day vision: 1.9
Night vision: 2
Pasek na szyję Supplied

S12x40 D/N

Magnification 12x
Odległość od oka w mm Day setting: 17
Night setting: 11.5
Pole widzenia Day setting:4.7°
Night setting: 4.2°
Pole widzenia na 1000 m w m Day setting: 82
Night setting: 73
Źrenica wyjściowa w mm Day setting: 3.3 Night setting: 3.3
Współczynnik zmierzchu Day setting: 21.9
Zakres rozstawu między źrenicami (mm) 60~70
Waga (kg) Day setting: 1.8
Night setting: 2
Pasek do noszenia Supplied

25x150 ED D/N

Magnification 25
Odległość od oka w mm Day: 18.6
Night: 24.5
Pole widzenia Day: 2.7
Night: 1.4
Pole widzenia na 1000 m w m Day: 47
Night: 24.4
Źrenica wyjściowa w mm Day: 6
Night: -
Współczynnik zmierzchu Day: 61.2
Night: -
Zakres rozstawu między źrenicami (mm) 60~70
Waga (kg) 20