Quality Control

Quality is the defining attribute of any busi ness for the final product, levels
of service and delivery, and the overall persona of the brand image.
Imaging Support Services can support businesses to define the quality levels to be achieved and maintained throughout the production process, as well as the customer experience.

All aspects of chemical control process monitoring services as well as colour management, software solutions and imaging workflow; are services available to you. We can also provide full benchmarking quality audits to assist your business maintain the status of quality in every aspect.

  • Chemical Process Control
  • Digilab Expert monitoring programme
  • Benchmarking quality audits
  • Training
  • Colour Management Support


Chemical Process Control

Fujifilm offers a complete range of chemical process control for E6, C41 and RA4 processes to ensure optimised stability of processing conditions.

Included in our quality control packages are: labelled return mail envelopes, individual bar-coded labels for store/machine identification, same day report to store on receipt of control strips: email / postal service, a dedicated telephone support hotline and periodic summary reports to Head Office (as required).

For more information, please call 01234 373888.

To register for Process Control, please email us: imagingsupport(at)fuji.co(dot)uk

Digilab Expert

Digilab Expert is the ultimate control service to control. The service is designed to monitor both the chemical conditions as well as software/hardware variables that can cause quality issues. Digilab Expert will advise on the correct parameters to optimise and standardise quality for digital print production: within a single laboratory or across a chain. Digilab Expert allows monitoring and control of digital minilabs and other types of output machines inside a colour managed workflow.