FUJIFILM Europe releases new advanced applications and options for its flagship digital mammography unit FDR AMULET Innovality

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, representing one of the most innovative companies in the Medical Equipment market, announces the release of new functionalities to extend digital mammography application in breast imaging and treatment: a worldwide preliminary introduction to the new available software and hardware options will take place at 2015 European Congress of Radiology. At the FUJIFILM booth, located at the lower level Expo B, a demo unit of FDR AMULET Innovality will be shown equipped with:
  • a new option making it possible to execute biopsy targeting using tomosynthesis images. This functionality will enable an improved application of tomosynthesis in breast interventional procedures, overtaking the limits of stereo targeting when having to deal with lesions which are not visible on 2D images (product under development)
  • an empowered and improved version of AMULET Innovality operator console software for use with the aforementioned tomosynthesis biopsy function will be installed and shown (product under development)
  • a new patented shifting paddle, further optimizing the use of AMULET Innovality for small breasts. This new paddle has been designed to maximize ease of patient positioning and operator comfort and ensure that smaller breasts can be imaged using a small field of view, assuring exposure area optimization and data volume reduction
  • an updated version of the proprietary Fit Sweet Paddle, an adaptive paddle developed to reduce patient pain while maintaining a proper compression of the breast during exposure
  • a new optional height adjustable operator console. This locally provided solution is designed to be height adjustable; providing ergonomic improvement and facilitating operator comfort (product under development)
At the 2015 ECR congress it will also be possible to register for educational sessions provided by the Fujifilm Academy of Breast Imaging. Experienced clinical tutors will guide the participants through a series of cases, selected and presented in two different levels of educational workshop. A basic session will provide basic information about breast tomosynthesis acquisition and imaging, highlighting the impact of this new technology when used in first level assessment and in diagnostic mammography. An advanced session will deliver information and clinical evidence of the application of different tomosynthesis acquisition protocols (narrow and wide angles, at different spatial resolutions) in mammography, according to the needs of both screening and diagnostic mammography. Technical information will be provided and comparative clinical cases will be shown in both the sessions. The improvements and new options described above confirm the commitment of FUJIFILM Corporation to digital mammography product development according to new clinical evidence and medical trends.


  • The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 209. 
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