FUJIFILM: Global solution for veterinary diagnostic at SEVC 2019


Since 2007, the SEVC has been building its reputation as a conference whose scientific program provides an outstanding continuing education opportunity for veterinarians all over the world. The SEVC’s mission is to present the veterinary community with the latest advances in animal care to the veterinary community in a professional environment. Fujifilm shares the SEVC's aim and takes the opportunity to officially present the Vet Project at Seville, Spain, 7 to 9 November.

During SEVC Fujifilm launch the project of commitment to the veterinary market. An even stronger commitment to the veterinary sector in which we show a complete catalog of products and a new way of working with dedicated staff. So far we have worked everything indirectly, selling products to distributors, with a presence in some congresses with stands, but never focused and with dedicated staff. From SEVC this is a new way to work, stop by stand 116 and learn about our radiology solutions (FDX Vet, FDR Prima, and FDR ES), ultrasound (the FUS Vet line in collaboration with VINNO Ultrasound) and in vitro diagnostic:

- the new FDX Vet line, software and flat detector, and we give a uniform format combining the existing CR products and FDR ES line, in the same platform.  FCR Prima / FDX Vet / FDR ES and Sedecal Neovet (radiology)

- The new FUS Vet line, in collaboration with Vinno, for veterinary ultrasound. FUS Vet Vinno 5 / FUS Vet Vinno E10 / FUS Vet Vinno E35 / FUS Vet Vinno G80 

- The IVD line, although commercialized by another company, scil animal care. Which equipments are NX500V y Immuno AU10V (In Vitro Diagnosis)

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