Fujifilm Highlights Synapse Solutions at ECR 2015

Clinical Innovation to Customers with Scalable and Flexible Synapse platform

Attendees of the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) which will be held from 4 to 8 March in Vienna, Austria, will see firsthand the benefits of several new Synapse solutions from FUJIFILM Europe. The company provides hospital wide imaging solutions for clinical, workflow and reporting improvements with advanced applications.

Synapse VNA: Improve System-Wide Data

Multi-vendor and departmental imaging environments are commonplace, and Synapse VNA provides the platform to interface and intelligently integrate the data generated by these systems, including actionable intelligence. Synapse VNA provides enterprise-wide enhanced image management, streamlined workflow, reduced costs and, most importantly, improved patient care. Neutrality to the core allows the platform to be implemented within any environment and offers data access and availability.  The VNA archive allows sharing and consolidation of storage, with secure access across all authorized users.  Synapse VNA provides a unified viewing experience for DICOM and non-DICOM data. In combination of Synapse Mobility solution, Fujifilm provides clinical information viewing capability for Wide data across hospitals and a region with any PCs and mobile devises. At ECR 2015, Synapse VNA is presented with XDS (Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing) integration. Synapse VNA helps clinicians to make critical decisions by unifying patient images and documents across multiple vendor systems, departments, specialties, and locations.

Synapse 3D: Advanced visualization “Radiology without Borders”

Synapse 3D is one of Fujifilm’s flagship products showing how radiologists are providing value well beyond the traditional borders of the radiology department using Synapse 3D v4.1.  Eleven (11) new applications and improvements to thirty (30) clinical applications will be demonstrated that benefit the clinical pathways of neurology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, cardiology, urology and oncology. Thin-client server-side rendering is the key technology of Synapse 3D. With fast, powerful and proprietary communication terminals, it is easily accessible from locations in and outside of radiology. Workflows and analytical data is clinically relevant and tight integrations to Synapse PACS allow efficient data management. And, this data does not stop at radiology. Once the radiologist completes the diagnosis they are able to save a workflow snapshot and accelerate the patient’s care to the next level without wasteful duplication and redundancies. The snapshots may also be displayed on surgical monitors or tablet devices using a secured zero-client technology to improve the Radiologist’s communications to patients and other caregivers. Synapse 3D has strong surgical planning tools, particularly for Liver, Hepatic, Biliary, Pancreatic and Pulmonology surgical area. Many sites are already using Synapse 3D for surgical planning to understand complex pathologies prior to the time of surgery with high quality organ extraction and rapid imaging process, thus improving patient care and safety.

Synapse CWM: Managing all clinical workflow in Radiology

Synapse CWM (Clinical Workflow Manager) is a very advanced and High-tech Solution for Clinical Workflows, manages all clinical workflow in Radiology department in a simple way. Synapse CWM is a stable RIS platform with great growth mature and growth potential. Clinical Workflow Manager is more than a RIS and is capable of being the unique Frontend for the Hospital. Multi-Site Solution adapted to Local reality gives mobility, flexibility and a powerful tool to manage Health Institutions.

Synapse Total IT solutions: Scalable and Flexible solutions to Customers

In addition to solutions above, Fujifilm provides various valuable medical IT solutions: SYNAPSE ERm is a specialized mobile application for emergency treatment. It supports smooth communication for acute stroke or other emergency cases by linking the clinical images and data on mobile devices. Synapse Teaching Files supports Radiologists and other users to create their own teaching archive including key-images and the respective reports. Also, it provides free text seach functions to see the teaching archive effectively.


  • The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 209. 
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