Fujifilm is pleased to announce the new release of Synapse Dose 2.0 solution, an evolution of the product that helps to to investigate the patient's health and department status


Synapse Dose is a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure across different imaging modalities. It is a support for the optimization of radiological procedures and acquisition protocols, a tool for supporting clinical audit and to provide a comprehensive Patient Dosimetric History. Alert system and Dose Reports helps controlling the dosimetric levels for Patients, in compliance with the ALARA principle and with reference to the Low Dose Rate (LDR).

Users can find general and specific Dashboards track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure productivity, to achieve quality assurance and to support quality of care.

It provides a great support for the Radiologist but also for the Physicist, who automatically and immediately are able to analyze big amount of data that usually needs many efforts to be manually retrieved from DICOM Images with a great wastes of time.

Synapse Dose is compliant with the Directive 2013/59/EURATOM of European Union since it was launched in 2018. Developed on HTML 5, the new user friendly interface lets users navigate in the different pages of the software, in order to check patients, studies and modalities dose information.

It can be used as a standalone software or integrated in Fujifilm Synapse suite as a unique system that provide to Users a powerful instrument to investigate the patients health and department status.

“Thanks to the new TimeLine view it's easy for the Physicians to navigate through patient’s studies checking the dose information and having a look at the distribution of patient dosimetric history at a glance.”
says Eugenio Talarico, BU Manager Medical Informatics Fujifilm Italia
“Synapse Dose is progressively enhanced and improved thanks to the fundamental support of specialists in the "Dosimetry" field, of both Medical Physics and Radiology areas, who are Partners of FUJIFILM. The new era of Synapse Dose 2.0 raise Synapse suite to a complete Dose management facilities for all the clinical, technician and physics people that works in Radiology Department.”
Synapse Dose is a European product, present in particular in Italy, Germany and UK.

Thanks to the experience done all over the different countries, Synapse Dose is growing and adding more functionalities, in order to help the Departments collecting radiation dose information, integrate to the local systems and being more  and more compliant to the EURATOM regulatory.

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