Fujifilm presents the FDR D-EVO II, winner of the 2015 iF Design Award

FUJIFILM Europe Medical Systems Division will showcase its newly released, award-winning FDR D-EVOII DR Panel at the 21st annual European Congress of Radiology in Vienna from March 4-8. Awarded the prestigious iF Design award at the Annual Award Ceremony in Munich, Germany on February 27 2015, the FDR D-EVOII offers an innovative lightweight and robust design paired with advanced imaging support features such as inbuilt memory and a waterproof and bacterial resistant coating.

At just 2.6kg* this new panel combines leading weight performance with a modern tapered profile, designed to improve handling and simplify positioning of the panel under the patient. The unique Shell Rib Magnesium (SRM) frame used in the FDR D-EVOII makes it possible to maintain a robust and rigid design while reducing the weight of the panel by 20% compared to Fujifilm’s already highly successful FDR D-EVO flat panel detectors.

“The FDR D-EVOII is the newest addition to Fujifilm’s already extensive DR Panel lineup and is just the latest result of the continual development process within both FUJFILM Corporation and the broader FUJIFILM Holdings Group” said Makoto Ogoda, Vice President, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH. The benefits of this ongoing commitment to development are seen in unique features such as the ‘HYDROAG’ antibacterial coating. “When combined with a waterproof rating of IPX6 and the internal panel memory we believe that the FDR D-EVOII offers hospitals a level of flexibility and peace of mind not seen with existing DR panel technology” said Mr Ogoda.

When using the memory function of the FDR D-EVOII, users can store up to 100 DR images directly to the panel, preserving the ultimate portability and immediacy of use of traditional CR imaging that was so highly valued in mobile and emergent situations.

Equipped with a multi-stage sleep mode offering up to 18.5 hours of battery life this new panel has been designed with simplified battery management and exchange in mind. LED indicators provide continual feedback on the system and battery status while accessories such as a dedicated Docking Stand are designed to further improve operability through visible buy valium online without prescription and audible system updates. These updates include details of the specific panel selected for use and the system ready status, assuring that the user is aware of the system status at all times.

As with the preexisting FDR D-EVO series, the FDR D-EVOII incorporates Fujifilm’s proprietary Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) technology while improved circuitry within the new panel has resulted in a 20% increase in DQE performance with a 0.03 mR dose compared to prior models.

The FDR D-EVOII is available in 35x43cm and 43x43cm CsI and GOS models with a 24x30cm CsI model to be released in the coming months.

The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 209.    *35x43cm size
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