Fujifilm shows full mobile X-Ray Line-up on ECR 2014



FUJIFILM Europe Medical Systems Division will showcase its FDR Go, the latest evolution of the company’s digital mobile portfolio as well as a new entry level DR mobile solution called RX EVO-M at the 20th annual European congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna. "Our world is becoming more and more mobile and digital so it’s not from a surprise that mobile imaging is one of the fastest paced and most demanding environments in medical imaging. Price competiveness, reliability and efficiency is an absolute necessity" said Hidetoshi Izawa, Marketing Manager, FUJIFILM Europe GmbH. "With our brand new line-up of mobile units we have an answer to each customer need and demand." The FDR Go offers the speed, image quality and dose benefits of Fujifilm’s FDR D-EVO detectors, with enhanced portable features that include a compact size just right for maneuvering in tight spaces. The portable imaging system allows technologists to smoothly bring the full capabilities of an x-ray room to the patient bedside, in the ER, the ICU, NICU and the OR. Mobile imaging equipment in the intensive care unit, helps simplify patient comfort without compromising time or accuracy to help save precious lives. "At our Swedish Children’s Hospitals we have found that vulnerable neonatal ICU patients can receive vital imaging with Fujifilm’s DR portable solution without needing to be moved from the safety of their incubator, improving both patient care and ease of use" said Peter Lazarz, Key Account Manager, FUJIFILM Sverige. As an extension to its lineup FUJIFILM will also present a new lightweight, economical DR mobile Solution, called RX EVO–M. This system is easy to use, easy to learn and with a built in DR console the full range of cassette sized Flat Panel detectors (“D-Evo Series”) can be used anywhere in the hospital. The RX – EVO M is also available in a “Lite” version. “Lite” in this case means a pure analog mobile unit without a built-in console. To be as flexible as possible the RX - EVO M Lite can be upgraded for use with Fujifilm D-EVO Series of cassette sized FPD at a later stage, allowing each hospital to transition to DR as they are ready to do so. Radiation dose reduction is also a clear priority for hospitals and health systems. All of FUJIIFLM’s mobile systems utilize today’s latest DR advancements, including FUJIFILM’s exclusive Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) and Image Processing technologies. ISS detector design has been shown to enhance image sharpness while increasing dose efficiency compared to conventional designs.


  • The Fujifilm booth is located at the Austria Center Vienna, Expo B, Booth Nr. 209. 
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