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Multi Visor Híbrido

A ultima geração de Visor Híbrido optimiza a ampliação em função da lente.

Hybrid Multi Viewfinder

Featuring the freedom to switch between an optical and electronic viewfinder, the Hybrid Viewfinder has evolved to meet the challenge of interchangeable lenses. When an XF series lens is mounted, lens data are communicated to X-Pro1, and viewfinder magnification (2 types) and frame size (multiple steps) are automatically switched. Peering through the viewfinder with all your attention focused on the subject. This simple style of shooting is the both the first step back to the essential pleasure of photography. Every lens change reveals a new world of beauty to capture.

  • Optical View Finder (OVF)
  • Instantly switch between 2 viewfinder types.
  • Electronic View Finder (EVF)

Magnifying System

Viewfinder magnification automatically changes when an XF series lens is mounted, and because there is very little noticeable difference in the angle of view when switching between OVF and EVF, viewing in either mode is smooth and natural.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.