FCR PROFECT ONE (Computed Radiography)

High-resolution single plate FCR reader capable of 50µm resolution for mammography featuring dual-side reading.


  • Superior image quality with 20 pixel/mm scanning pitch and FUJIFILM's revolutionary Dual-Side Reading Technology
  • Ideal for premium image applications such as mammography and pediatric imaging
  • Compact design FCR - footprint 0.48 m2, height 1.33 m

FCR PROFECT ONE is a state-of-the-art one-stacker FCR for high-resolution digital mammography and pediatric imaging. With up to 48 images per hour scanned by Dual-Side Reading, it is a great choice for small- to medium-sized facilities demanding premium image quality or placing it as a back up unit of PROFECT CS.

DSR (Dual-Side IP Reading)

Dual-Side IP (Imaging Plate) Reading technology allows the use of a thicker phosphor layer on the IP and transparent base, thereby increasing DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) by collecting the emissions from both sides of the IP with optimal, spatial frequency-dependent factors.


* PMA : Premarket Approval
** FDA : U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Leitura 50 µm yes (Dual-side) (18x24/24x30)
Tipo de IP aplicável ST-VI, HR-V, ST-BD, HR-BD
Compatibilidade DICOM Modality Worklist, Modality Performed Procedure Step, Basic Grayscale Print, CR Image Storage, Storage Commitment
655 (W) x 740 (D) x 1330 (H)
Tamanho da matriz
18 x 24cm (10 pixels)
1770 x 2370
24 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2364 x 2964
18 x 24cm (20 pixels)
3540 x 4740
24 x 30cm (20 pixels)
4728 x 5928
35 x 35cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 3520
35 x 43cm (10 pixels)
3520 x 4280
20 x 25cm (10 pixels)
2000 x 2510
25 x 30cm (10 pixels)
2505 x 3015

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Consumo de energia (kW) 0.7
Capacidade de processamento (35x43 IP por hora) 60
Peso (kg) 230