FDR AcSelerate

Welcome to the X-ray room of the future!

A streamlined solution with dynamic speed and sharp images

  • The novel type CsI:TI FPD, combining an adhesively coupled structure with ISS method, exhibits significant improvement in image quality. We confirmed that the DQE of ISS-CsI panel is one of the top-class of the world by our measurement.
  • 5-axis full motorized ceiling tube support with various automated functions
  • Newly developed DR/CR compatible console provides control from one
  • New table with a removal cassette tray realize flexible use of the cassette (optional) 

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New Flat Panel Detector

CsI scintillator

Fujifilm's new Flat Panel Detector capitalizes on the high X-ray absorption characteristics of CsI and the ability of its needle crystals to deliver high image sharpness.

ISS technology

Fujifilm has developed a new Flat Panel Detector (CsI) featuring its proprietary "Irradiation Side Sampling" (ISS) technology which offers high image quality. By reading the data from the surface of the detector (the incident side), light is collected before the radiation can be attenuated and diffused within the detector. Thus MTF and DQE are significantly improved when compared to conventional methods.

ISS + CsI method demo

A highly sensitive DR Detector with unique features

FDR AcSelerate is equipped with an innovative FPD, ISS and Image Intelligence™ technology that produces extremely high image quality. The use of these unique features is particularly useful in producing high quality chest and abdomen images whilst using minimized radiation doses.

New Console Advance

New image processing — dynamic visualization

Fujifilm's renowned diagnostic image quality has now evolved still further. Leveraging its world leading image processing technology, built on a long heritage in medical imaging, and its endless pursuit of improvements in diagnostic imaging, Fujifilm's CONSOLE ADVANCE is more than able to meet the exacting demands of the modern medical market.

Fujifilm's image processing technology automatically recognizes the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters in order to deliver reproducible, high quality images every time. This greatly streamlines workflow thus reducing the load on Technologists and speeding up diagnosis for Doctors.

CONSOLE ADVANCE – flexible for FDR and FCR


AcSelerate has been ergonomically designed, not only for the technologist, but also for the patient.

Wide range of movement for various examinations

Light-weight ceiling suspension system

The lightweight ceiling suspension system and tube head provide smooth movement to any position, to any angle and to any height within the examination room. The support features an extended range of vertical movement, 1750mm, which allows for easy examination of the lower extremities.

Tilting upright stand

The vertical movement of the flat panel detector can be operated either using the motor or manually from a height of 390mm from the floor to 1900 mm. The motorized vertical movement allows you to improve your workflow when taking a variety of exposures not only of the chest and abdomen but also exposures from the cervical spine down to the lower extremities. In addition, with the minus 20 degrees to 90 degrees angulation capability, the skull and upper extremities can also be examined as with the exposures of the elbow.


The table size is 2400mm × 850 mm with an adjustable height of 550 mm to 930 mm from the floor, and weight capacity is 250 kg, making it extremely flexible for easy positioning and for accommodating all types and sizes of patients. The floating top table is equipped with three control methods depending upon operational need. Tomography is available as a standard feature.

Generator — ease of use in connection with CONSOLE ADVANCE

Intuitive and flexible for any type of exams, the Generator can perform a wide range of studies on patients of all sizes from babies to adults. It also features CONSOLE ADVANCE, an easy-to-view display, which enables you to set the exposure settings easily and to start up and shut down the system quickly.

Increase efficiency with automated functionality


By selecting the program from the exposure menu, on the CONSOLE ADVANCE, the X-ray tube automatically moves to the required position using the 5-axis motorized tube support. Manual adjustments can always be applied, however, the simplicity and accuracy of AcSelerate make manual movements a thing of the past!


When the patient is on the table, the FPD will auto-track the manual movement of the X-ray tube to allow examination of the intended body part. If the patient is at the upright detector, the X-ray tube will automatically track the vertical movements of the FPD.


The required collimation area, taking into account the SID (Source to Image Distance) is automatically adjusted to the body part selected from the exposure menu. Manual adjustments can be made easily if needed.


Three sizes of copper filter automatically adjust to the designated body part selected on the exposure menu thus reducing unnecessary radiation, this filtration can also be used manually.

Flexible Cassette Tray (optional)

Available DR Cassettes**

D-EVO plus C35i/s and D-EVO G35i/s are selectable.

Tomosynthesis (optional)

Tomosynthesis is an advanced radiography application that produces multiple tomographic slices from a single sweep of the X-ray tube. By doing so, the added dimension of "depth" can be provided to the radiologist. Tomosynthesis can be effective for a variety of clinical tasks, including chest and orthopedic imaging, otology.


Advantage of Fujifilm's Tomosynthesis

High quality Tomosynthesis images

1. Using the FPD which features a pixel pitch of just 150μm and ISS technology***, we achieved high quality tomosynthesis images for easier, more accurate, diagnosis.

2. Image Intelligence™, Fujifilm's proprietary image processing technology, offers high resolution, information-rich images.

Energy Subtraction (optional)

Energy subtraction (ES) is the technology which utilize the difference of Xray absorption characteristic.

Advantage of Fujifilm's Energy Subtraction

Patient's heartbeat and any minor patient movement between exposures causes a miss-registration image. Fujifilm's own technology which is called Multi-Stage Registration (MSR) can suppress these motion artifact.

Shift of individual pixels between the high energy image and low energy image is calculated, and the low energy image is warped to match its position to the high energy image to suppress motion artifacts.


* Option only for table sampling
** Standard components necessary for D-EVO must be purchased separately.
*** ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling) is Fujifilm's technology which permits a higher resolution image and reduced doses.