The RX EVO-F is a powerful, easy to use X-Ray system offering high performance for the operator while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for patients.

This complete x-ray room solution delivers excellent exposure output supporting a comprehensive range of examination techniques in orthopaedic, surgical and urological applications.

Working with limited resources is no reason to compromise on quality. FUJIFILM‘s Evo series affords you the opportunity to maximise image quality and patient care while avoiding the all too common compromises that can arise when funding is kept in check. This new range of solutions offers the perfect balance between affordability and functionality and has been specifically designed to deliver in even the most cost sensitive of environments. By focusing our efforts on where you need it most FUJIFILM is making it possible to provide the top level care your patients have come to expect.

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Brochure RX EVO-F
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  • Integrated AEC & DAP
  • Two way X-Con functionality
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Built in generator
  • German engineering product quality

Harmony Lightning*

The most significant design element is the LED front plate. It provides a comfortable environment and can be easily set according to your personal preference via remote control.


Compact design

Preassambled components allow a quick installation time with an unmatched system footprint thanks to the integrated generator. What you see is what you get!