High quality images for more versatility

1) New Design

The DRYPIX EDGE modern design provides harmonization with the FCR series.

2) 3 built in film trays

The DRYPIX EDGE supports simplified film size changing with improved barcode reader and film pick up mechanisms. Changing times are as below;

[Barcode reader - 35x43(14x17”) ⇔ 26x36(11x14”),25x30(10x12”),20x25(8x10”)]
DRYPIX PLUS : Approx. 15min
DRYPIX EDGE : Approx. 2min

[Film pick up mechanism- 35x43(14x17”), 26x36(11x14”),25x30(10x12”) ⇔ 20x25(8x10”)]
DRYPIX PLUS : Approx. 20min
DRYPIX EDGE : 0min   

Due to these improvements, the three film tray configuration is fixed in the DRYPIX EDGE.

3) Other changes

・Dimensions will be slightly bigger than DRYPIX PLUS.

・Lighter weight compared to DRYPIX PLUS. 

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Imager 1
Memory board 1
Film trays 3
Recording method Laser exposure, thermal development
Applicable film Fuji Medical Dry Imaging Film DI-HL, DI-HLc, DI-ML
Applicable film sizes 35.4