Unleash the power of SYNAPSE

SYNAPSE is simple to use

  • Synapse PACS is a 100% web based, intuitive and scalable solution to meet your exact needs anywhere and at any time, with on demand access providing images in less than 2 seconds.

SYNAPSE is versatile

  • SYNAPSE improves efficiency and workflow whilst enhancing access to patient data. Its scalable architecture enables the same product to be installed in any setting. Fujifilm's Access over Network (AON) compression method optimises the archiving and distribution of data to guarantee the rapid display of images without sacrificing image quality.

SYNAPSE is one compact solution

  • SYNAPSE offers integrated advanced visualisation tools, mammography functionality and XDS natively enabled as standard.

SYNAPSE is productive

  • Synapse supports improvements in reporting efficiency and accuracy whilst providing total system management giving maximum productivity.