Fujifilm establishes a local subsidiary in Sweden to expand its digital camera business in Scandinavia

Reinforcing the marketing of the premium "X Series"

FUJIFILM Corporation (President and CEO: Shigetaka Komori) is set to establish "FUJIFILM Nordic AB" in Stockholm, Sweden, in a drive to accelerate expansion of digital camera business in the Scandinavian market. The new subsidiary is to commence its sales operations on July 1, 2012. With an extensive product lineup ranging from entry models to the premium "X Series," Fujifilm has been reinforcing its operations in areas where there are expectations for business expansion. The establishment of subsidiaries in Ukraine, South Korea and Indonesia last year, and in Vietnam, South Africa and Turkey this year has enabled Fujifilm to facilitate the expansion of the digital camera business. The three Scandinavian nations of Sweden, Norway and Finland have a high income level, forming a marketplace with a high ratio of sales for premium compact cameras and interchangeable lens cameras. Until now, Fujifilm has sold digital camera products to these countries via its subsidiaries in Germany and U.K. The latest move to establish a local subsidiary in Stockholm, the capital city of Scandinavia's largest market Sweden, will enable Fujifilm to commence direct sales operations at these three countries. FUJIFILM Nordic AB will facilitate development of digital camera sales strategies by addressing customer needs and implement it dynamically aiming to boost local-oriented marketing with emphasis on the popular interchangeable lens camera "FUJIFILM X-Pro1" and other premium "X Series" models. The company will also build a logistics framework to shorten the delivery lead-time and enhance after-sales services. The establishment of FUJIFILM Nordic AB will allow Fujifilm to actively promote the growth of digital camera business in the global market, and contribute to the development of respective industries in the region.


Company name FUJIFILM Nordic AB
Location Stockholm, Sweden
Paid-in capital 1.8 million Swedish kroner (approx. 20 million yen)
Business description Import, sales and after-sales services of digital camera products
Number of employees 8