FUJIFILM Membranes in Blue Energy test power station

King Willem Alexander performs opening act

Fujifilm Membranes

Fujifilm Membranes

Blue Energy at Afsluitdijk

Blue Energy at Afsluitdijk

Fujifilm membranes are used in the world's first trial power station to generate electricity with Reverse Electro Dialysis (RED) technology. This technology generates electricity on the basis of the difference in the salt concentrations in seawater and freshwater.

Today His Royal Highness, King Willem-Alexander officially opened the Blue Energy pilot at the “Afsluitdijk” enclosure dam, in the Netherlands. In this power station membranes, made by Fujifilm, are being used. Worldwide this is the first pilot which examines the generation of energy from salt and fresh water in practical conditions. In the installation, the total chain is tested on a large-scale (50kW): pre-treatment, generation of energy and delivery of electricity to the net. In cooperation with REDstack and the Wetsus top institute, Fujifilm wants to demonstrate that the large-scale application of this technology can offer a new source of energy.

Blue Energy

With Reverse Electro Dialysis (RED) technology, energy is generated by the flow of salt and freshwater between membranes. As a result a voltage difference exists which is then converted into electrical energy. The major challenge will be to increase the membrane's power capacity per square metre. The objective of this pilot project is to achieve a further increase in the membrane capacity and to examine the technology's performance in practical conditions. If the trials prove successful, the technology will be scaled up to a demonstration plant.


Using the knowledge and experience of photographic products, Fujifilm is continually working on the development of new technologies. Seven years ago, Fujifilm's Tilburg plant started working on the development of relatively economical and energy-efficient membranes for various applications including the preparation of drink water and the generation of electricity. Fujifilm is of the opinion that the membranes offer new, highly promising business opportunities. In September the company in Tilburg opened a production facility for gas separation membranes. These membranes are used for example by gas fields to remove CO2 from natural gas.

Sustainable business operations

The purification of water or gases is highly compatible with Fujifilm's sustainable operations. Worldwide Fujifilm is working on valuable and sustainable innovations for an every increasing amount of application areas.

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V.

FUJIFILM Manufacturing Europe B.V. is one of Fujifilm's largest production facilities outside Japan. The company was founded in 1982, and has a staff of approximately 900 on 63 hectares land. Fujifilm's Tilburg plant not only produces membranes, but also produces photographic paper and offset plates. Tilburg's site also accommodates a Corporate Research Laboratory.

Fujifilm is continually working on the sustainability of its products and processes. The Tilburg production plant, for example, has five wind turbines on its site, and an afterburner for waste gases. Next year the construction of a wastewater treatment plant will begin, together with its neighbouring companies.

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