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Эффективные пиксели
16 мегапикселей
LCD дисплей
ISO 100-25600
X-Trans CMOS формата APS-C
Fujifilm X-mount
Full-HD (1080p)
OLED 2,36 млн точек
TTL совместимый горячий башмак
Встроенная выдвижная вспышка
Доступна в двух цветовыx решениях

Характерные особенности

X-Trans CMOS Sensor - Enabling high quality imaging

Equipped with a large APS-C size sensor the resolving and descriptive power of the Fujinon lens can be maximized thereby enabling high resolution over the entire screen.

High-definition and high-luminance 2.36 M-dot “OLED electronic viewfinder”

By combining the best “OLED electronic viewfinder” in its class with FUJIFILM's original optical technology the X-E1 offers a bright, wide field of vision of which its entirety can be seen at a glance.

Design & Accessories

Two different X-E1s with two personalities. The analog interface enabling instinctive operation that allows you to capture “the perfect moment”.

Quick Response

The X-E1 achieves quick response compatible with DSLR cameras thereby enabling you to never miss a shot.

Other Features of X-E1

Find great features in X-E1.

Объектив Fujinon Процессор EXR Фото и видео Full HD

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