Advanced shooting features

Powerful features like Film Simulation modes, built-in Auto Bracketing, Multiple Exposure modes and more...

Film simulation - explore the nuances of colour.

Recreate FUJIFILM's unique film heritage with Film Simulation modes. By selecting from one of 10 variations you can choose your own image style. Velvia gives vivid colours, ASTIA shows faithful smooth tone reproduction, PROVIA offers a natural all-rounder, while the softer Pro Neg.Std and sharper Pro Neg.Hi are perfect for portraiture. Sepia film simulation is also possible while creative black & white photography can be enjoyed using three different filter effects.


Acclaimed for reproduction of true-to-scene natural colour quality, the versatility of this film simulation mode makes it an ideal all-around choice.


Ideal for photographing landscapes and flowers, the vividly saturated colours and dramatic tonality record colour that is as real as your memories.


Capturing both natural skin gradations and brilliant colour tonality, this film simulation mode is a favourite for outdoor snap photography.


Heighten contrast with the Ye (Yellow) and R (Red) filters. Brighten greens and deepen reds with the G (Green) filter.


SEPIA is a wonderful choice when shooting an especially memorable photo of a wedding, birthday or other commemorative occasion.

<Film Simulation mode>
  • Velvia / VIVID
  • PRO Neg.Std
  • PRO Neg.Hi
  • * Above images are for illustrative purposes only.

Powerful built-in Auto Bracketing functions

Empowering you with a choice of 4 different auto bracketing functions, the X-E2 lets you experience the wide world of photographic expression.

Dynamic Range Bracketing

Capture 3 exposures of the same scene with high-speed continuous shooting, each at a different dynamic range setting (100%, 200% & 400%).

(Left) 100% (Center) 200% (Right) 400%
  • 100%
  • 200%
  • 400%

Film Simulation Bracketing

Just release the shutter once and produce 3 images of the scene based on a single exposure, each image with a different Film Simulation effect that you have freely selected and pre-set.

(Left) PROVIA(Center) Velvia (Right) ASTIA
  • Velvia

AE Bracketing

One press of the shutter captures 3 shots of the same scene at different exposures. AE bracketing can be set in 1/3, 2/3 or 1 EV steps.

ISO Sensitivity Bracketing

Based on a single exposure, the scene is automatically reproduced as 3 images, each with a different ISO sensitivity and without changing the shutter speed and aperture, letting you capture the moment with varying degrees of brightness. Setting is possible in 1/3, 2/3 or 1 EV steps.

Multiple exposure -rediscover the art of double exposure photography.

Just select Multiple Exposure mode and take the first shot. Then frame and shoot the second exposure while viewing the first image in the LCD monitor. This lets you not only precisely position and focus the second shot, but also preview how the finished Multiple Exposure image will look and make creative adjustments like zooming in to enlarge the subject.

[Left]1st shot [center]At the time of the 2st shot [right]Photographing result
  • 1st shot
  • 2nd shot
  • Multiple Exposure result

Motion Panorama

Capture wide panoramic shots

Just sweep the camera across the scene, and the camera captures multiple images and seamlessly stitches them together to form a single panorama photo. Even when enlarged to an A3-size print, there is virtually no loss of resolution. Holding the camera horizontally or vertically,

  • * The photographed angle of view will vary depending on the lens that is mounted.

HD video capture

Full HD video recording with cinema-like image quality

Shoot Full HD movies (1920 x 1080) at 60 fps / 30 fps, the same frame rate used for cinema films. You can take full advantage of the combination of FUJIFILM X-E2's large sensor and bright XF / XC lenses to capture movies with a large and beautiful blurred “bokeh” background.

Film Simulation modes for HD video recording

Shoot videos with true-to-life natural tonality of PROVIA, vibrant colours of Velvia or richly expressive monochrome tones.

Microphone connector

The body is equipped with a microphone connector. Connect the stereo microphone (commercially sold) to record audio with enhanced clarity and presence.

Mic level adjustment

Adjust the microphone volume level (4 settings) while watching the level meter for optimum audio recording to prevent sound loss or distortion.

White Balance setting

Kelvin temperature setting is also available for detailed correction to match the colour temperature of the shooting location. Fine tune white balance to capture natural skin color or express your creative intent.

Save Custom settings

Create, save and instantly recall up to 7 different sets of user-defined settings covering all parameters from ISO sensitivity to white balance.

High performance LCD monitor

3.0-inch, 1,040K-dot LCD monitor

Even in dark scenes, the displayed image is easy to see. Adoption of special reinforced glass not only protects the screen from scratches, but also reduces reflections.

Display shooting information

The large display of numerical data and icons lets you know the state of camera settings at a glance. Check the key shooting data without stress or hassle, leaving you free to concentrate on framing the shot in the viewfinder.

Electronic level

When composing a shot in the spacious LCD, the built-in electronic level display makes it easy to align the image with the true horizon.

Framing guidline

A choice of GRID 9, GRID 24, and HD FRAMING aid compositions when, for example, framing photographs with the subjects arranged along a diagonal.

Swift menu page selection and scroll-free navigation within each page

In the Shooting and Playback menu, functions are organised into tabbed single-page screens for fast and easy access. Just select a tab and find the item in the displayed list without scrolling.

  1. 1. Shooting menu (5 pages)
  2. 2. Set-Up menu (3 pages)
  3. 3. PlayBack menu (3 pages)
  4. 4. Set-Up menu (3 pages)

In-camera RAW converter

The built-in RAW data converter lets you view results in the field without first transferring the data to a PC. This easy-to-use feature not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality settings, but also lets you apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.

Special FUJIFILM X-E2 RAW Conversion Software Included

For the management, viewing and converting of RAW image data on your PC, you will find SILKYPIX® viewer and RAW conversion software included. The special FUJIFILM X-E2 version of this software ensures versatility and ease of use, plus movie playback functionality.

ISO100 - 25600 sensitivity range

Expand the normal sensitivity range from ISO200 - 6400 to ISO100, 12800 or even ISO25600. In dynamic lighting conditions, you can now set a sensitivity ceiling within the range of ISO400 - 6400 and keep the camera on ISO Auto.

  • Exceptionally low noise even at high sensitivity.

White Balance setting

Colour Temperature (Kelvin Value) Setting

Compensate for the colour of different light sources with a choice of 9 white balance presets in addition to Auto White Balance. You can also make custom white balance settings using a gray card or other surface, or by selecting the optimum colour temperature (Kelvin value).

Precise White Balance setting

Fine tune white balance by adjusting R (red) ⇔ Cy (cyan) and B (blue) ⇔ Ye (yellow) in ±9 steps. You can make adjustments and confirm their effect on the actual image during shooting. It is ideal for accurate correction of white balance or to explore the creative effects that can be achieved with filters.

Image Quality control

Colour, Tone & Sharpness Adjustment

Fine-tune image quality with “COLOR” for colour saturation adjustment, “HIGHLIGHT TONE” and “SHADOW TONE” for tweaking contrast in highlights and shadows, and “SHARPNESS” to stress or soften image outlines. With this built-in detailed image quality control, you can produce an image that precisely matches your creative objectives.

2 colour space types

Select either sRGB for a standard range of colour reproduction on general displays or Adobe RGB® for its broader colour rendition, depending on how you intend to output and use the image.

Noise reduction control

Choose from 5 different levels of noise reduction depending on whether your priority is the crispness of resolution or keeping noise reduction to a minimum, and explore the capability to tune sensitivity-related textural quality when shooting high-sensitivity scenes.

Exposure Control

Easy-to-use AE/AF Lock Button

Lock both exposure and focus for the subject by touching the special AE/AF Lock button conveniently placed in the upper area of the rear control panel.

Selectable Metering Modes

Swiftly select the best metering for your shot: “MULTI” for accurate response to a variety of lighting conditions, “SPOT” for precise reading of approximately 2% of the viewfinder area in the center of the screen, and “AVERAGE” for an average exposure setting for the entire scene.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.