580 / 530 series bronchoscopes

For maximum image quality and flexibility.


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Video Bronchoscope EB-580S Standard Type.

Bending capacity up/down Up 210° / Down 130°
Distal end ø 5.3 mm
Field of view 120°
Flexible section ø 5.1 mm
Forceps channel ø 2.2 mm
Observation range 2-100 mm
Total length 870 mm
Viewing direction 0° (Forward)
Working length 600 mm


Video Bronchoscope EB-580T Treatment Type

Bending capacity left/right Up 180° / Down 130°
Distal end ø 5.8 mm
Field of view 120°
Flexible section ø 5.9 mm
Forceps channel ø 2.8 mm
Observation range 2-100 mm
Total length 870 mm
Viewing direction 0° (Forward)
Working length 600 mm


Super-slim paediatric bronchoscope.


An all-round device for therapy and diagnosis.


Bronchoscope with 140° angle of vision.

Angle of view 140°
Bending capacity 180° / 130°
Distal end ø 5.4 mm
Insertion tube ø 5.1 mm
Observation range 3~100 mm
Operation channel ø 2.0 mm
Total length 870 mm
Working length 600 mm


The standard therapeutic bronchoscope.


Specialist bronchoscope for therapeutic procedures.


With the new 580 bronchoscopes, Fujifilm has surpassed even its own highest demands. The EB-580S, equipped with an optical lens and a Fujifilm high resolution image sensor for vivid and high quality images, can obtain a wide range of data for accurate endoscopic examination and diagnosis. The EB-580T provides a larger working channel allowing for faster suction.

These bronchoscopes achieve excellent image quality by using a unique Super-CCD chip and assure an extremely comfortable operation in the examination. Together with the five models of the 530 series of bronchoscopes Fujifilm offers the perfect solution for every application.



  • Super-CCD chip for detailed and informative images
  • Superior angulation of the distal end
  • Optimal design for quick and easy insertion
  • Improved suction and compatible with many accessories
  • Compatible with laser probes EB-530US for endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)