EC-600W-M / W-I / W-L

Field of view 140°
Observation range 2–100 mm
Bending capability Up 180°/Down 180°
Right 160°/Left 160°
Distal end diameter 12.0 mm
Flexible portion diameter 12.0 mm
Working channel diameter 3.8 mm
Working length 1,330/1,520/1,690 mm
Total length 1,630/1,820/1,990 mm

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper XS

Album Paper XS with its optimally designed thickness delivers the expected enhanced colour reproduction, white purity and excellent image stability with the deepest black density. Images come to life in bold colours and expressive vibrancy. This paper will meet all your demands, such as possibilities to have more pages in a photo album telling your story page, after page, after page. It delivers the ‘’WOW’’ factor in print quality, haptics of pages and natural gloss.


  • Glossy
  • Lustre


  • No lamination required inside album pages
  • More pages in an album

  • Optimal designed thickness
  • Highly suitable for cover making
  • High D-max
  • Vibrant colour reproduction
  • Purer whiteness
  • Excellent image stability
  • Suitable for R2R printers only