Control kits

Fujinon offers a wide variety of digital as well as analogue lens control kits for portable ENG and large box Studio/EFP lenses, all designed to meet the demands of the today's cameraman and - woman for all kinds of productions.

Fujinon's unique technology even allows to exchange analogue and DigiPower control kits to control Fujinon ENG lenses wihout the need of an adapter cable, which saves time and money. (Some DigiPower functions may be limited when used with an analogue kit/lens).

With digital technology incorporated for a high degree of reliability and accuracy of lens control, Fujinon has developed the latest DigiPower remote kit system. Some of the many features are: Auto Cruising Zoom, Zoom Mode Select, Zoom Limit, Zoom Maximum Speed Adjustment, Serial Digital Remote Control/PC Control, Quick Zoom, Virtual Connector, One Shot Preset.

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