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Effect Filter

Optical accessories expand the capabilities of FUJIFILM TV lenses.

Skylight Filter

Skylight filters are ideal for clear days reduces blue-green look in shadow areas, with no effect on exposure and color temperature. Protects front lens element of the master lens.

UV Filter

UV filters absorb ultraviolet rays, cut haze, with no effect to exposure and colour temperature. Protects front lens element of the master lens.

ND Filter

ND (Neutral density) filters reduce the light of all wavelengths’ that enter a lens. Allows picture taking of bright scenes with wider lens apertures, ND2 filters reduce light by 1/2, ND4 by 1/4 and ND8 by 1/8. No effect on colour temperature.

Snow/Sunny Cross Filter

Cross filters are used to enhance the beauty of a shot by creating a "Cross" effect around a point of light or spectral highlight. Cross filters can produce- from four to as many as sixteen star points and are commonly used in concerts and outdoor productions.

Soft Focus Filter

Soft focus filters produce an overall softness while creating a luminous glow to highlights.