United Kingdom

Our Approach to CSR

Fujifilm Holdings upholds the Fujifilm Corporate Philosophy and clarifies the Fujifilm Group's approach to CSR as a means for fulfilling the social responsibilities of the company that are fundamental to this philosophy.

The Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR

The Fujifilm Group's Approach to CSR is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting into practice the Fujifilm Group's Corporate Philosophy, and realizing its Vision through sincere and fair business activities.

We will:

  1. Fulfill our economic and legal responsibilities, and respond to society's demands by contributing as a corporate citizen to the development of culture and technology in society and environmental preservation.
  2. Constantly reassess whether our CSR activities are responding adequately to the demands and expectations of society and whether those activities are conducted properly through dialogue with our stakeholders including customers, shareholders, investors, employees, local communities, and business partners.
  3. Enhance corporate transparency by actively disclosing information to fulfill our accountability for our business activities.