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QEH Team Love Working With Their New FDR nano


 left to right: Alessandro Cerrito - Radiographer; David Huggett - Radiology Engineer; Jamie Brown - Assistant Practitioner; Mark Abbott - Chief X-ray Engineer and PACS Manager; Iain Sims - Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm UK Ltd; Rachel Davis - Radiographer

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn needed a new mobile which could help them reach certain parts of the site with restricted access. Fujifilm’s FDR nano was the obvious choice, combining unique, compact design with exceptional image quality. The QEH team took delivery of their new mobile during the height of lockdown.

The slimline design and ergonomics of the FDR nano was an ideal choice for us” said Victoria Underwood, Radiology Manager at QEH. “Not only does it allow us to access parts of the hospital which were previously a challenge with our traditional mobiles, but all reports back from the team have been very positive. We find it very easy to use, and the rapid image processing has helped our workflow. The image quality is of a very high standard and delivered at a low dose.

Delivery took place during lockdown and was a little delayed, but the unit was then rapidly installed and training took place immediately. We have been really happy with the service provided by Fujifilm, and the team absolutely love their FDR nano!

The Fujifilm FDR nano mobile is the perfect choice for use in confined spaces or hard to reach areas. The lightweight, compact cart design means easy handling in even the most restricted spaces, and advanced image processing technology combined with the waterproof, antibacterial D-EVO II detector delivers exceptional image quality.

For further information on Fujifilm Medical Systems UK please contact medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com or 01234 326780 or www.fujimed.co.uk 


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