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Barnsley Breast Imaging Service and Fujifilm Build Exceptional Relationship


Simon Ainsworth – Medical Imaging Directorate Manager Adrian Waller – General Manager, Fujifilm Medical Systems UK

All relationships can suffer setbacks and problems.  It takes dedication, trust and commitment to overcome difficulties, but this can often lead to an even stronger bond between the parties.  This is the case for Barnsley Breast Imaging Service (BIS) and Fujifilm, who have worked together to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and have forged an exceptional partnership. 

In 2012 Barnsley BIS took delivery of two new Fujifilm Amulet Mammography systems. “The service was performing well" says Simon Ainsworth, Medical Imaging Directorate Manager “until it encountered a unique and challenging problem in late 2014.  Electrical engineering works carried out in the basement below the department generated a new artefact on the images of one of the Fujifilm Amulets. The room was closed whilst extensive investigations and proposed solutions were trialled. As would be expected, the service suffered and performance declined with regular breaches of national targets."

"It would have been easy for the two organisations to become embroiled in a bitter dispute, but the efforts of the team at Fujifilm and their commitment to their customer, combined with the resilience of the Barnsley BIS team led to a strengthened relationship and a positive outcome."

"In 2016 the department underwent a limited reconfiguration to relocate the sensitive mammography equipment away from the source of the electromagnetic field. The final piece of the puzzle was for Barnsley to take delivery of a further Fujifilm Innovality system for biopsy work, making the department exclusively Fujifilm.  BIS is now achieving its best ever performance, meeting all national targets, delivering 100% screening to Date of First Offered Appointment in the last quarter and enjoying consistently low levels of recalls.  Latest compilation of regional performance statistics reveals that Barnsley’s BIS is one of the top performing in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside Region."

Adrian Waller, General Manager of Fujifilm comments "The Fujifilm team was determined to help Barnsley resolve the artefact issue and we’re delighted they are now leading the regional performance tables.  Barnsley’s investment in a new Innovality demonstrates the confidence they have in the exceptional quality of the Fujifilm mammography system, and their offer to undertake the initial NHSBSP evaluation of the Innovality (completed last year) further corroborates this.  The strength of the relationship we now enjoy is testament to Fujifilm’s dedication to our customers, which is particularly important when things don’t go to plan, but being able to work together to drive improvement and deliver a positive outcome is what we call The Fujifilm Experience."


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