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Chesterfield Royal Hospital Go Digital with Three Fujifilm Visionary Suites and an FDR nano Mobile


Photo credits L to R: Steve Leatherland – Business Unit Manager, Fujifilm
Stuart McTavish – Team Leader Applications, Fujifilm 
Emma Andrew - Radiographer
Natalie Horne Wilde – Radiographer
John Casson – Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm
Julie Vickers - Radiography Practitioner 

In a complete departmental overhaul, Chesterfield Royal Hospital have installed three new Fujifilm Visionary Suite room solutions and invested in a new FDR nano mobile x-ray unit.  Despite closing two rooms the team have found their patient through-put is much quicker and their departmental statistics show they are doing more work and are seeing more patients.  The re-designed department also offers patients improved privacy and dignity in the waiting areas.

The Visionary Suite rooms are fantastic in terms of patient flow, which has helped both patients and staff” said Andrew Loveridge, General Manager of Integrated Care.  “We generally see around 70 patients per day in each room, and because all three rooms are built to the same specification they are interchangeable and adapted specifically to each patient’s needs.  The equipment is all much lighter and easier to use, so our radiographers can spend more time with patients, and the new FDR nano has revolutionised our mobile imaging.

The Chesterfield radiography team worked closely with Fujifilm to develop the space. 

We were fortunate to have such a good working relationship with Fujifilm, who really understood the needs of the department” said Barbara McCaffrey, Head of Imaging.  “We were able to operate at full capacity throughout the install as the work was completed in stages with full training throughout, which has really strengthened the department.  We had excellent support from Fujifilm’s engineers and applications specialists who all worked hard to ensure the department was kept operational.  We have found the new systems easy to use – the image quality is much better and Virtual Grid™ is great as it means we don’t need the old grids, so our whole workflow is much faster.

The main thing for me has been the auto-positioning said Steve Cullen, Clinical Specialist Radiographer.  “I wouldn’t want to live without it now!  For MSK issues it’s taken so much pressure off us, and it’s really easy to switch between auto and manual positioning, which makes it extremely adaptable for patients.  This enables me to use the equipment to avoid moving the patient, which is beneficial to them and is possible because of the seamless transition which the Fujifilm positioning offers.

The Visionary Suite is really, really good – the whole department really likes it” said Natalie Horne-Wild, Radiographer.  “We were a bit worried about the transition from CR to DR but everyone has taken to it really quickly.  Image quality is excellent, patient throughput is much quicker, and Fujifilm have been amazing to work with.  From start to finish all the staff and the whole experience has been just brilliant.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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