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Fujifilm Dimatix launches the Starfire™ SG-1024/M-C inkjet printhead for high-performance ceramics printing and product decoration

StarFire SG-1024/M-C is first of a new family of printheads that uniquely incorporates FUJIFILM Dimatix' innovative RediJet™ and VersaDrop™ jetting technologies to shorten startup and ongoing maintenance times and to deliver industrial-speed grayscale printing.

Dimatix StarFire SG-1024 M-C printhead

Dimatix StarFire SG-1024 M-C printhead

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. is making its mark on high-performance inkjet printing for demanding scanning and single-pass production applications with the introduction of its new StarFire family of printhead products. The StarFire family features a robust and repairable construction with a high nozzle density well suited for demanding applications such as digital ceramics printing and decoration. The new StarFire SG-1024/M-C is the first model in this new family and is a compact, self-contained unit built to withstand the harsh environment of industrial ceramics production and using field-proven materials to deliver consistent and reliable output over a long service life jetting oil-based ceramic inks and associated maintenance fluids. Designed for easy integration, the StarFire SG-1024/M-C delivers superior jetting performance from a 20-30 picoliter nominal (fluid dependent) drop size with fluids in the 8 to 20 centipoise range to produce single-color operation at 400 dots-per-inch from 1024 independent channels arranged in eight rows in a single metal nozzle plate that is replaceable and designed to withstand abrasion. The StarFire is the first FUJIFILM Dimatix printhead to incorporate the company's innovative new RediJet jetting technology, which it combines with its patented VersaDrop multipulsing technology for high-accuracy, variable-drop jetting and grayscale printing. RediJet technology encompasses several innovations including nozzle plate design, special conformal and non-wetting surface coatings, enhanced on-head electronics, continuous ink recirculation at the nozzle and waveforms tailored to specific fluids – unlocking the full productive capacity of the printhead while lowering recurring service costs by minimizing initial start-up and ongoing maintenance times and associated fluids. StarFire printheads are also designed with precise registration points enabling drop-in alignment with system-provided mounting features. This design allows multiple printheads to be accurately arrayed into print bars for wide-width, higher-resolution and multi-color printing devices, and reduces set-up and alignment costs during nozzle replacement or printhead exchange. "Even though inkjet is a non-contact printing technology, ceramics production takes place in a harsh and unforgiving environment, and chances are that one or more inkjet printheads will come in contact with ceramic tiles at some point over their service life," says Russ Brown, Marketing Manager, OEM Printheads for FUJIFILM Dimatix. "Owing to its repairable design and precision registration points, StarFire printheads can be repaired by replacing its metal nozzle plate and or individual jetting assemblies and then accurately re-registered in the printing system," Mr. Brown explains. "VersaDrop binary and grayscale jetting leverages the many benefits of StarFire SG-1024/M-C printheads by expanding its nominal 20-30 picoliter drop size to produce drop sizes up to 80 picoliters and full grayscale printing while maintaining excellent channel-to-channel uniformity and remarkable jet straightness – all without penalizing productivity," he adds. "In this way, RediJet and VersaDrop jetting technologies help unlock the full productive capacity of the printheads and the system in which they're used, minimizing the time and costs associated with using and maintaining the printheads, while contributing to maximum system uptime and speed in producing high-quality finished ceramic products." The new StarFire SG-1024/M-C printhead for ceramics printing and decorative applications is being demonstrated at the Fujifilm Booth in Hall 8 b.   

About FUJIFILM Dimatix

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., the world's leading supplier of drop-on-demand inkjet printheads for industrial applications, is driving a revolution in inkjet technology to support a new generation of products for printing, industrial product decoration and materials deposition. The company's innovative inkjet technology and world-class fabrication techniques enable OEMs, system integrators and manufacturers to build cutting-edge systems and manufacturing processes for high-performance, precision printing of traditional inks and deposition of functional fluids on all types of surfaces, including flexible substrates. A wholly owned subsidiary of FUJIFILM Corporation, FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and maintains U.S. product development and manufacturing operations in California and New Hampshire. The company sells and supports its products worldwide through offices in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore. For more information, visit FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries, including electronic imaging, digital printing equipment, medical systems, life sciences, graphic arts, flat panel display materials, and office products, based on a vast portfolio of digital, optical, fine chemical and thin film coating technologies. The company was among the top 20 companies around the world granted U.S. patents in 2009, and in the year ended March 31, 2011, had global revenues of $25.8 billion*. Fujifilm is committed to environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship. For more information, please visit * At an exchange rate of 86 yen to the dollar.
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